Kistler ComoNeo Injection Molding Process Monitoring

ComoNeo is a process monitoring system for cavity pressure-based analysis, optimization, monitoring and documentation of injection molding is suitable for every application.

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Kistler Pressure Sensors

Kistler's line of direct and indirect cavity pressure sensors are rugged, extremely accurate, and easily integrated into tooling designs. The cavity pressure sensors are available with an integrated temperature sensor as well.

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TR Electronic Linear Transducer

TRE's linear encoders / transducers are ideal for precisely monitoring the closing movement of the tool during each stroke, ensuring identical production conditions throughout production.

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Sick FLG Optical Window

A precise, installation-friendly solution for detecting free-falling objects, the Frame Light Grid is a one-way system with sender / receiver in the same frame. It can detect objects down to 2mm, and comes in 3 different sizes.