Dynisco ATC 990 Pressure Control

Dynisco's ATC990 improves the efficiencies of the extrusion process by controlling screw speed based on pressure (see application notes).

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Dynisco UPR900 Pressure Indicator

The UPR900 is a compact 1/4 DINprocess indicator. It can handle strain gage, voltage, and current signal inputs. It has 2 assignable alarms with an option for a third. The bright display is easily readable and display trending graphs.

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Dynisco Retractable Melt Bolt

Designed to measure the melt temperature of the media as it moves down the extruder barrel, the melt bolt thermocouples mount into a 1/2-20 UNF transducer hole.

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Dynisco Rupture Disks

The Dynisco BP420 burst plugs / rupture disks are specifically for use in extrusion systems. They are designed for reliable, emergency relief of excess pressure in a system. They will instantaneously rupture at a specific, predetermined pressure and temperature.

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West PlastX Temp Controls for Extrusion

The West PlastX series is specifically designed for plastics applications: single or twin-screw extruders, plastic or rubber. The PID control is simple to set-up, even on large multi-zone extruder barrels and dies, and is extremely accurate. A one-page startup guide walks through the efficient Auto-Tune process, making training quick and easy.

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West KS Vario Multiloop Control

West's KS Vario Multiloop Controller is specifically designed for temperature treatment processes. The basic version consists of a controller module and fieldbus coupler, providing a fully operational control unit with 4, 6 or 8 loops. By adding additional I/O modules, up to 30 loops can be controlled. No tools are ready, communications between the added modules and controller are made automatically, with power supplied via bus coupler.

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Dynisco Differential Pressure

Differential pressure monitoring is an excellent way to detect flow issues, particularly through the screen changer. The difference in pressure is monitored in the UPR900 from 2 pressure transducers, with an output to alert of blockages.

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West 8080 Process Indicator

For displaying current, voltage, screw rpm, extrudate thickness, etc. The large LCD display can be set to red or green to make alarm indication immediately clear.

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Carlo Gavazzi SSRs

Carlo Gavazzi has decades of experience manufacturing solid state relays designed to save panel space, improve heater performance, and withstand the rigors of the plastics industry.

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Carlo Gavazzi SSR w Current Monitoring

Monitoring the current of the heaters is an effective way to predict a failure before it occurs. Combining current monitoring with switching saves on panel space and wiring.

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Carlo Gavazzi RGC3P Proportional Control

The Carlo Gavazzi RGC3P Series relay accepts an analog (0-10VDC or 4-20mA) input for proportional control of the heating.

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Accurate Thermal Systems Fluidized Thermal Bath

Torching and manual cleaning of dies, nozzles, breaker plates, screws, manifolds and related hardware can cause damage, shortening the object's lifes span. Accurate Thermal Systems uses a fluidized, non-abrasive aluminum oxide sand bath at 900 F to clean the parts in 30-60 minutes with no damage to the part.

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