Carlo Gavazzi MOF Series

The Carlo Gavazzi heavy-duty MOF series through beam is a problem solver for the toughest applications. Water, dirt, dust and steam in applications like car washes and curing rooms are completely ignored.

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Sick wswe12 3 Through Beam

For precise, long range applications. The laser version has a range of 80 meters and is available with or without a potentiometer adjustment. The IP69K housing can be mounted many different ways for quick installation.

Sick WSWE18 3 Through Beam

The W18-3 through beam has high excess gain / operating reserves, meaning that it is able to see through pollutants like steam and dust to reliably sense the target.

Sick WSWE2F Through Beam

With a depth of only 3.5mm, the W2 flat can fit almost anywhere, even in applications where fiber-optics with remote amplifiers were previously required.

Sick WSWE2S 2 Through Beam

The ultra-compact WSE2S-2 has a range of 2.5m. Its precise, clearly visible light spot ensure accurate switching and easy alignment. It can be mounted in rails, joints, and gaps to save space.

Sick WSWE4 Through Beam

The rugged housing, compact size, and bright red light spot make alignment of the W4 through-beam simple. Its M3 metal threads make mounting bracket-free and robust, minimizing installation and down-time. Available with beam exiting the narrow side for additional mounting flexibility.